Northumberland Community Enterprise Ltd. (NCEL)

Who We Are and What We Do
NCEL was set up in 2008 as a Social Enterprise and reached charitable status by 2017. Our initial intention was to combat social and economical issues faced by people living within the avenues of Stobhill. Our services have expanded to include the entire south east corridor of Northumberland.
We have aided our local residents in forming a very successful and active community/residents forum and offer them and the local Credit Union the use of free office space within our Community Hub known locally as the Stobhill Link. We initiated The Stobhill Regeneration Plan which was commissioned by Northumberland County Council after census information for the area was released in 2011. Since then, our services have expanded to also include horticultural projects with our two community allotments, vocational training and lifelong learning, employability and job search support including a weekly job club, community repaint (household paint recycling) plus many more community initiatives which we host from our Stobhill Link Centre. Our services are for the benefit of the residents of Stobhill and for people living throughout south east Northumberland. The one common theme that underpins all that we do is volunteering. Every project we offer has voluntary roles attached and provides hands on work experience, skills building and work references for local people.

Why We Do It
Stobhill is classed as being in the top 20% of most deprived communities in the UK according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). Families in our community have been slipping into poverty owed to a rise in low income households, unemployment and low attainment levels (census 2011 and Indices of Multiple Deprivation Statistics .Gov). We are motivated by these government statistics which highlight high levels of unemployment for the area, low attainment levels i.e. school leavers leaving school without GCSE grades, high levels of young people not in education, employment or training, high number of pensioner households. We are based in a thriving community hub and the space we occupy is an asset to the local community. We are situated on a main bus route centrally within the avenues of Stobhill where we are surrounded by (predominantly) a large social housing estate (ex council stock) where our work is appreciated by local people who are looking for opportunities to better themselves and pave the way for their families and children.